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The use of Offset Printing is rapidly increasing as all products require attractive packaging. Offset Inks offer an excellent blend of colour, print finish and are great value for money. Their usage spans a wide spectrum – variety of papers, corrugated surfaces, the list is endless.

At The Inks India, we have divided Offset Inks into various categories:-

Based on Phenolic Resins, Excellent quality pigments, medium & additives

1. Excellent Lithographic Properties
2. Quick Set Properties
3. Enhanced Print Sharpness


1. Paper, Board & Chrome Art Paper
2. Map Litho, etc


1. High Pigmentation
2. Good Yield Inks
3. Wrinkle Free Results


Suitable for printing on a wide range of stock like Art Paper, Card, Heavy Map Litho, Chrome Art Paper & Mechanical News Print

Also present is a range of :-

Inks India Tone ( Pantone Colors )

We have covered more than 40% of the Colors in the Pantone Shade Card and are equipped with to produce bulk quantities of the matching shade in a short notice

Inks India Mini ( Mini Offset Inks )

We have a complete range of Inks especially formulated and prepared for running efficiently on Mini Offset Machines to give best results.

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